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skoopia provides dedicated equipment for all types of specific video solutions inputs and outputs, such as:

SDI converters

  • HD-SDI repeaters (video, control & power over 1 cable)

  • EX-SDI to HD-SDI converter (15X-S)

  • HD-SDI to EX-SDI converter 

  • 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI converters (30S2-H)

  • HDMI to 3G/HD-SDI converter (30H2-S)

  • HD-SDI to USB3 converters

  • 4K (2160p30) EX-SDI to HDMI converter

AHD/TVI/CVBS converters

  • AHD/CVBS/TVI to HDMI converters (15AT2-H)

  • AHD/TVI to HD-SDI / EX-SDI converters 

AHD/TVI Transmitter/Receiver​ converters/extenders

  • AHD coax to AHD twisted pair (passive)

  • AHD coax to AHD twisted pair (active) amplifier 

  • AHD coax to AHD twisted pair (active) amplifier with UtC (control signals (RS485) and power)

  • AHD coax to AHD coax amplifier

  • AHD coax to AHD coax amplifier with UtC (control signals (RS485) and power)

LVDS converter / break out board via KEL cable (compatible with all LVDS zoom blocks)

  • LVDS to USB3 converter (15L2-U3)

  • LVDS to HDMI converter

  • LVDS to IP converter

  • LVDS to YPbPr converter

Product datasheets

Product data sheets of other products upon request.
Require a conversion/transmission not 
specified here, contact us.