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4K Industrial Monitors & Medical Monitors

Updated: May 2, 2020

skoopia pleased to announce its platform of 4K medical and industrial monitors, introducing a range from 15,6" up to 40". 

Like all skoopia monitors, the 4K familiy offers unique capabilities for medical and industrial applications, such as:

  • Medical DICOM compatibility 

  • White bezel to meet medical  "look and feel".

  • Black bezel to meet industrial "look and feel".

  • Robust metal housing (black or white)

  • Anti-bacterial / removable water resistant foils. 

  • Advanced display color temperature calibration

  • Multiple video inputs (4K  / Full HD / VGA)

  • Hardened glass (minimum 6H+)



All skoopia industrial and medical monitors are characterized by: 

  • Robustness of monitors (rigid display, metal casing, supporting industrial & medical video standards)

  • Customization (display brightness, video input/output combinations, special display or cover treatments, bezel color, touch display), from single unit on-wards.

  • Longevity (typically 7+ years) of product and a clear and guaranteed end of life process for handling changes (2+ years of delivery after EOL, see enclosed picture).


EOL time line               End of live versus time of skoopia monitors 2 years minimum between EOL annnouncement and delivery of last units, providing you sufficient time to make the transition to a new monitor. 


skoopia's industrial monitors provide an excellent image quality. All industrial monitors and medical monitors have the optioni of metal frame casing and/or monitor module and a life cycle that is for years to come (mostly 7+ years), while supporting your specific customization request. 

skoopia looks forward serving you with monitor and camera solutions that put your application demand central.

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