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NTSC block camera replacement, PAL block camera replacement, CVBS block replacement

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

skoopia analog block cameras replacing Sony analog block camera (Sony FCB-EX-series) and Tamron analog block camera MP1110M

skoopia offers the ideal replacement for analog Sony block cameras (Sony FCB-EX-Series) and Tamron MP1110M. Connectors and size are identical, skoopia blocks all support VISCA and all have native NTSC and PAL output on-board. Configurable to NTSC block camera or PAL block camera, no need to have two versions on stock.

New addition: skoopia block cameras are also an ideal replacement for the semi-digital/semi-analog Sony block cameras, the Sony FCB-EH series).

Sony is no longer the obvious and reliable block camera supplier

Sony once was the golden standard as supplier of block cameras. Purchasers knew that choosing Sony as a block camera supplier was as choosing IBM for IT challenges in the 70's and 80's having the reputation that "You do not get fired for hiring IBM". More recently, Sony's reputation has acquired a serious dent, not so much in product quality but in reliability with respect to long term availability.

Sony started its retraction from the block camera market by announcing the End of Life of all its analog block camera solutions in 2018. Reason given was Sony's earlier announcement to stop production of CCD sensors, which were primarily found in analog block cameras. Soon after, Sony announced it further retracted from the block camera business by announcing the End of Life of all Full HD block cameras in 2019.

Significant customer pressure caused Sony to revitalize one specific Full HD unit, the Sony FCB-EV7520A in 2019, a 30x block camera with LVDS output. Recently (May 2021), Sony has announced it will also stop with the production of the Sony FCB-EV7520A.

Tamron in and out with analog block camera

Tamron announces the Tamron M1110M-VC block camera in 2019 and retracts in 2021. Only in the market for less than 2 years, Tamron is cancelling this model.

Where Tamron claimed to be the reliable alternative as supplier of block cameras, marketing its reliability in supply and change management versus Sony blocks, the factual situation is quick different. First, it took Tamron nearly 2 years to have a block camera with NTSC or PAL output, and it is now facing issues with exactly this NTSC block camera and PAL block camera.

Moreover, Tamron only has a very limited portfolio of block cameras, and only 1 block camera had analog output. Tamron therefore no longer offers analog block camera.

Hitachi block camera division stops.

Hitachi was the alternative for Sony block cameras. However, in 2016 Hitachi decided to completely stop with block camera production. skoopia offers a great replacement for the Hitachi DI-SC series as well as the Hitachi VK - block camera series.

Most Hitachi block cameras come with the same Molex 9 pin FFC being compatible to the skoopia analog blocks all having 9 pin FFC as the default connector with identical pinning (e.g. Hitachi VK-S454N / EN and Hitachi VK-S655N/EN). However, several Hitachi block cameras make use of Molex 30-pin micro-coax (Hitachi VK-S454N/EN, Hitachi DI-SC220, Hitachi VK-S655N/EN) for analog. Digital Hitachi block cameras use a Molex 40-pin micro-coax cabling (Hitachi DI-SC110, Hitachi DI-SC120R) or the well-known 30 pin micro coax KEL cable (Hitachi DI-SC132, Hitachi DI-SC210, Hitachi DI-SC221, Hitachi DI-SC231 and Hitachi DI-SC233).

skoopia analog block cameras are here to stay.

skoopia continues to offer all of its block camera as analog block camera alternative, but based on CMOS sensors.

skoopia's 10x analog block camera (21Z10S and 20Z10S-NF) as well as skoopia's 30x analog block camera (21Z30S and 20Z30A) support both NTSC and PAL, but also support additional output signals, making a transition to higher resolution gradually.

Next to offering best in class, cost-effective Full HD zoom blocks that always support CVBS (free configurable to NTSC block camera or PAL block camera), skoopia will also secure that its analog block cameras can be acquired for years to come.

Long availability | End of Life policy | Last time buy

skoopia block cameras make use of electronic components. ​Although skoopia sources its components at high class suppliers, the electronics industry is changing components rapidly.

For less critical components that do not affect the function, dimension and performance of the analog block camera, skoopia will simply adopt the design, notify you and likely all things will remain identical.

This allows skoopia to keep design identical from form, fit and function for more than 5 years.

For more critical components, such as image sensors and ISP (image signal processors), but also zoom optics, skoopia maintains a direct relationship with the suppliers of these core components. This indepth relationship provides skoopia with upfront insight in their road map. Based on the road map skoopia selects components and tests components in early stages, so it is able to carefully test successor core components to minimize the impact on the camera design, should one of the core components for the analog block camera become end of life.

Well before the end of life of such a component, skoopia customers can already test the "new" block camera to evaluate if a transition to the new analog block camera is acceptable. Should such a transition not be acceptable, we will offer customers the ability to place a Last time Buy, with deliveries stretched as long as 5 years.

Avoid surprises, and select skoopia for block cameras in your application.

Minimum focus distance 1 cm

When it comes to capturing detailed images from a shorter working distance, having a zoom block camera with a shorter close focus distance can make all the difference. All of skoopia's block cameras, have the ability to change firmware to be able to have close focus performance. The camera can be set to a minimum focus distance of 10 mm. The firmware adjustment allows for a further decrease in the minimum focus distance setting from 10 cm to as low as 1 cm for a better close focus distance.

Minimum focus distance refers to the minimum distance at which the camera can focus and capture a sharp image of an object. In the industry it is often called "minimum shooting distance" or "closest focus distance". It represents the shortest distance between the camera sensor and the subject that can be in focus.

With a camera where the minimum focus distance is long, the camera will have to stand further away to focus on your object. In simple terms, minimum focus distance refers to the closest distance a camera can bring an object into sharp focus.

Minimum focus distance is an important specification, particularly in applications where close focus imaging is required. This feature allows the camera to capture fine details of objects that are located at a very short distance from the camera.

So, why does close focus distance matter? Two reasons.

The closer you are to an object the more pixels per distance will be used, allowing you to see more granularity.

In space constraint viewing conditions there is simply no room to move the object further away.

Our zoom block cameras are often used in a wide range of applications from quality control to robotics, and from medical imaging to machine vision. In all these types of similar applications, it is crucial to have the ability to focus on close objects accurately.

The close focus distance feature enables our zoom block cameras to capture clear and detailed images in many industrial inspection applications, such as in unmanned robots that are used for the inner side inspection of pipes.

With the ability to focus at such a short distance, the smallest defects or abnormalities become visible and can be accurately analyzed even in small and tight spaces. In any situation where space is limited, you still have the ability to perform accurate analysis, inspections, and quality control for effective decision-making.

Sony block camera replacement overview by skoopia block camera

skoopia offers a complete portfolio of Full-HD block cameras as a direct replacement of the Sony FCB EX and Sony FCB EV and Sony H block cameras. Here is a link to skoopia's overview of replacing Sony analog block cameras and Sony digital block cameras.

Sony FCB-EH block cameras replacement

New addition to this post. Sony semi-digital/semi-analog block camera replacement

Sony FCB-EH block cameras are not really digital block cameras and not really analog block cameras, as they provide digital as well as analog output, and even higher resolution analog (Y Pb Pr) output.

We have categorized the Sony FCB-EH series in resolution categories.

Discontinued Sony Full HD block cameras from Sony FCB EH series:

Sony FCB-EH6500 & Sony FCB-EH6510 30x optical zoom

to be replaced by:

  • skoopia 20Z30L (if you require 24 FFC pinning)

  • skoopia 21Z30S (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and easy CVBS output.

Sony FCB-EH6300 Sony FCB-EH6310 20x optical zoom

to be replaced by:

  • skoopia 20Z30L (if you require 24 FFC pinning)

  • skoopia 21Z20L (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and a small form factor

  • skoopia 21Z30S (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and prefer easy CVBS parallel output or SDI output.

Replacing Sony FCB-EH6500 / Sony FCB EH6510 by skoopia block

Sony FCB-EH6500 replacement
skoopia replacement for Sony FCB EH6500 and Sony FCB EH6510

Replacing Sony FCB EH6300 / Sony FCB-EH6310 by skoopia block

Sony FCB EH6300 replacement
skoopia replacement for Sony FCB-EH6300 and Sony FCB-EH6310

Discontinued Sony HD block cameras from Sony FCB EH series:

Sony FCB-EH3400 & Sony FCB-EH3410 28x optical zoom

to be replaced by:

  • skoopia 20Z30L (if you require 24 FFC pinning)

  • skoopia 21Z30S (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and easy CVBS output.

Sony FCB-EH3300 & Sony FCB-EH3310 20x optical zoom

to be replaced by:

  • skoopia 20Z30L (if you require 24 FFC pinning) and at least 20x optical zoom

  • skoopia 20Z10L (if you require 24 FFC pinning) and just CVBS output (as the unit has a 2 MP sensor, it offers digital zoom without resolution loss up to 2x, making the effective zoom without resolution loss 20x)

  • skoopia 21Z20L (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and a small form factor)

  • skoopia 21Z30S (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and prefer easy CVBS parallel output or SDI output.

Sony FCB-EH3150 12x optical zoom

to be replaced by:

  • skoopia 21Z10L (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25))

  • skoopia 21Z10S (if you require interlaced output (1080i60/50/30/25 or 720i60/50/30/25) and prefer easy CVBS parallel output or SDI output.

Y Pb Pr output

skoopia block cameras do not offer the "early stage" HD/Full HD output called Y Pb Pr. This legacy format can still be supported via a complementing partner Twiga

However, if analog Full HD output is required, their are new standards that are supported natively in skoopia block cameras, being TVI and AHD. A transition from CVBS to Full HD or transition from Y Pb Pr to AHD can be easily accomodated. Enclosed are the skoopia AHD block cameras that could accomodate such a smooth transition:

10x optical zoom: skoopia 20Z10S-NF

20x optical zoom: skoopia 20Z20A

30x optical zoom: skoopia 20Z30A

Replacing 10x Sony FCB-EH 3150 HD by skoopia 10x block camera

Replacing Sony FCB-EH 3400 / Sony FCB-EH3410 by skoopia 30x

Replacing Sony FCB-EH 3300 / Sony FCB-EH3310 by skoopia block

Overview of Sony Block Cameras, Tamron Block Cameras and Hitachi Block Cameras that are replaced by skoopia block cameras

Sony FCB EH series

  • Sony FCB-EH3150

  • Sony FCB-EH3310

  • Sony FCB-EH3410

  • Sony FCB-EH4300

  • Sony FCB-EH6300

  • Sony FCB-EH6500

Sony FCB EV series

  • Sony FCB-EV5300

  • Sony FCB-EV5500

  • Sony FCB-EV7100

  • Sony FCB-EV7300

  • Sony FCB-EV7320

  • Sony FCB-EV7500

  • Sony FCB-EV7520

  • Sony FCB-EV7520A

Sony FCB EX series

  • Sony FCB-EX1000C

  • Sony FCB-EX1000CP

  • Sony FCB-EX1010D

  • Sony FCB-EX1010DP

  • Sony FCB-EX1020

  • Sony FCB-EX1020P

  • Sony FCB-EX11D

  • Sony FCB-EX11DP

  • Sony FCB-EX12E

  • Sony FCB-EX12EP

  • Sony FCB-EX15E

  • Sony FCB-EX15EP

  • Sony FCB-EX20D

  • Sony FCB-EX20DP

  • Sony FCB-EX2200

  • Sony FCB-EX2200P

  • Sony FCB-EX2400

  • Sony FCB-EX2400P

  • Sony FCB-EX2700

  • Sony FCB-EX2700P

  • Sony FCB-EX45A

  • Sony FCB-EX45AP

  • Sony FCB-EX45B

  • Sony FCB-EX45BP

  • Sony FCB-EX45C

  • Sony FCB-EX45CP

  • Sony FCB-EX480A

  • Sony FCB-EX480AP

  • Sony FCB-EX480B

  • Sony FCB-EX480BP

  • Sony FCB-EX480C

  • Sony FCB-EX480CP

  • Sony FCB-EX48A

  • Sony FCB-EX48AP

  • Sony FCB-EX48B

  • Sony FCB-EX48BP

  • Sony FCB-EX48C

  • Sony FCB-EX48CP

  • Sony FCB-EX48E

  • Sony FCB-EX48EP

  • Sony FCB-EX490D

  • Sony FCB-EX490DP

  • Sony FCB-EX490E

  • Sony FCB-EX490EP

  • Sony FCB-EX780B

  • Sony FCB-EX780BP

  • Sony FCB-EX78B

  • Sony FCB-EX78BP

  • Sony FCB-EX980

  • Sony FCB-EX980P

  • Sony FCB-EX980S

  • Sony FCB-EX980SP

  • Sony FCB-EX985E

  • Sony FCB-EX985EP

  • Sony FCB-EX990D

  • Sony FCB-EX990DP

  • Sony FCB-EX995E

  • Sony FCB-EX995EP

Sony FCB H series

  • Sony FCB-H10

  • Sony FCB-H11

Sony FCB IX series

  • Sony FCB-IX11A

  • Sony FCB-IX11AP

  • Sony FCB-IX45A

  • Sony FCB-IX45AP

  • Sony FCB-IX45C

  • Sony FCB-IX45CP

  • Sony FCB-IX47A

  • Sony FCB-IX47AP

  • Sony FCB-IX47C

  • Sony FCB-IX47CP

Sony FCB P series

  • Sony FCB-PV10

  • Sony FCB-PV480

Sony FCB SE series

  • Sony FCB-SE600

Tamron block camera

  • Tamron MP1010M-VC

  • Tamron MP1110M-VC

Hitachi DI-S series block camera

  • Hitachi DI-SC210

  • Hitachi DI-SC110

  • Hitachi DI-SC211

  • Hitachi DI-SC233

  • Hitachi DI-SC231

  • Hitachi DI-SC120R

  • Hitachi DI-SC132

  • Hitachi DI-SC116

  • Hitachi DI-SC121

Hitachi VK-series block camera

  • Hitachi VK-U114R

  • Hitachi VK-U114ER

  • Hitachi VK-U174

  • Hitachi VK-S214R

  • Hitachi VK-S214ER

  • Hitachi VK-S274R

  • Hitachi VK-S274ER

  • Hitachi VK-S454N

  • Hitachi VK-S454EN

  • Hitachi VK-P554

  • Hitachi VK-P554E

  • Hitachi VK-S654N

  • Hitachi VK-S654EN

  • Hitachi VK-S665N

  • Hitachi VK-S665EN

  • Hitachi VK-S888N

  • Hitachi VK-S888EN

  • Hitachi VK-S858N

  • Hitachi VK-S858EN

  • HItachi VK-S274R

  • HItachi VK-S274ER

  • Hitachi VK-S634N

  • Hitachi VK-S634EN

  • Hitachi VK-S654R

  • Hitachi VK-S654ER

  • Hitachi VK-S454R

  • Hitachi VK-S454ER

  • Hitachi VK-S655N

  • Hitachi VK-S655EN

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