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Custom 22x26 mm EXSDI camera, Full HD 22x26 AHD camera or custom 22x26 mm Full HD CVBS camera

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Fully customizable single board 22mm x 26mm Full HD AHD camera, 22mm x 26mm EX SDI camera or 22mm x 26mm CVBS camera with Sony Starvis Exmor R (IMX290) sensor

industrial camera IMX290

skoopia has introduced two types of small, cost-effective single board 22mm by 26mm industrial cameras with the very sensitive Sony Starvis Exmor R (IMX290) sensor, called 21C26AT and  21C26S. 

Both industrial cameras can directly address DSP (Digital Signal Processor) registers enhancing productivity in any operator-based vision application.  

industrial camera DSP

skoopia 21C26AT makes use of best in class sensor (Sony) and best in class digital signal processor for AHD/TVI/CVBS (Nextchip). The result is an great image quality over easy long distance wiring, finding its purpose in primarily in industrial camera applications providing a cost effective and productive solution in any setting where CVBS cabling can be resused

Key specifications of the 21C26AT industrial camera

  • Full HD AHD/TVI (1080p and720p) or CVBS (4:3 or 16:9) NTSC & PAL output (AHD/TVI or CVBS) selectable

  • Sony Starvis Exmor R - IMX290 sensor (1/2.8")

  • 22 mm by 26 mm single board industrial camera

  • 4,5 - 15 V (parity protection)

  • Parallel Pelco-D / VISCA via RS485

  • No latency

  • One-command-customization

  • Flexible wiring (twisted pair, coaxial cable, etc)

  • Very long distance (700 meter) 

skoopia 21C26S industrial camera makes use of best in class sensor (Sony IMX290) and best in class digital signal processor for EX-SDI/HD-SDI/3G SDI (Eyenix). The result is an exceptional image quality over coaxial cabling, finding its purpose in both medical camera applications and industrial camera applications:

Key specifications of the 21C26S medical and industrial camera

  • Full HD HD-SDI / EX-SDI (1080p/1080i/720p/720i) and CVBS (4:3 or 16:9) NTSC & PAL dual/ parallel output (EXSDI and CVBS) or (HD-SDI and CVBS)

  • Sony Starvis Exmor R - IMX290 sensor (1/2.8")

  • 22 mm by 26 mm single board industrial camera

  • Parallel 4,5 - 5,5 V

  • Pelco-D/VISCA via UART 3.3V TTL

  • No latency

  • One-command-customization

  • True DOL WDR

  • Digital zoom

  • Long distance (100 meter HD-SDI, 400 meters EXSDI)

One-command-self-customization Both the 21C26AT industrial camera as well as the 21C26S medical and industrial camear allow for single command, complete settings customization. No need to share your specific settings with us. A single VISCA command allows you to set all relevant parameters of both OEM cameras. In need for plural settings per application / environment. Just store the different parameters in the VISCA command settings and set the OEM camera to your liking, avoiding having multiple versions on stock with subtle, but different settings (e.g. PAL/NTSC, flip in case of reverse build-in, baud rate, white balance, gain). 

skoopia one-command-self-customization.

Your engineering efforts finding best settings protected, while minimizing your stock keeping units. 


Meeting your product's life cycle

skoopia industrial cameras are designed to meet your product's life cycle.

  • cameras are available for 5+ years

  • replacement cameras will adhere to form, fit and function.

  • camera upgrades still meet form, fit, but offer additional function.

Yet, skoopia will also continue to engineer board cameras having higher resolutions, while meeting existing dimensions and connectors. Contact us if you want to sample the product, require a quote or require detailed technical information. 


skoopia looks forward serving you with monitor and camera solutions that put your application demand central.

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