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"Smart" to "regular" video format converters

Updated: May 21, 2021

EX-SDI and AHD/TVI video signal converters

EX-SDI to HD-SDI converter - skoopia 15X2-S
EX-SDI to HD-SDI converter - skoopia 15X2-S

skoopia offers several converters to allow users to adopt new video formats in their current video chain.

The following converters are offered by skoopia

  • AHD/TVI to HDMI converter, called skoopia 15AT2-H

  • AHD/TVI to EX-SDI/HD-SDI converter, called skoopia 15AT2-S

  • 4K AHD/TVI to HDMI converter, called skoopia 80AT2-H

  • EXSDI to HD-SDI, converter, called skoopia 15X2-S

  • HD-SDI to EXSDI, converter, called skoopia 15S2-X

  • EXSDI to HDMI, converter, called skoopia 30X2-H

  • 4K EX-SDI to HDMI, converter, called skoopia 80X2-H

skoopia pushes new video formats such as AHD, TVI and/or EX-SDI (often also written as EXSDI or EX SDI). Why, because they bring benefits in cabling if you want to upgrade your resolution and/or require longer cable lengths.

skoopia offers multiple cameras with these newer video formats, but also understands that you require integration in existing infrastructures. For this skoopia offers multiple solutions:

The following solutions available for EXSDI/ HD-SDI / 3G-SDI and AHD/TVI/CVBS.

Analog High Resolution Video - AHD/TVI

AHD & TVI are analog video standards that can carry up to 8 MP / 4K video. This is the most logical step up from CVBS, as in most instances cabling can remain identical. Applications are particularly found in areas where cabling has extreme long distances or is difficult (e.g. the signal needs to cross slip-rings and/or several connectors). Yet, the application does not allow latency.

Typical applications are robots that are guided by an operator from a distance. Latency is not acceptable (otherwise the robot is too difficult to control) and a superior image is beneficial.

Digital High Resolution Video - EX-SDI

EXSDI is a digital video standard that can also carry up to 8 MP / 4K video. As EX-SDI is digital, high-end video applications that require superior video quality or post processing, while benefiting from easy cabling and no latency.

Although EX-SDI can also be used for easy cabling, it is particularly useful in settings where a digital signal is required, either for image quality purposes (e.g. medical applications) or for post processing (e.g. image analysis).

Do you require 80 meter distance for a 4K digital signal? Just use 4K EX-SDI output from the camera and regular coaxial cable. Near the monitor you place the 80X2-H to convert the 4K EX-SDI signal back to HDMI to display the signal on a 4K monitor. 

As EX-SDI is a proprietary video format from Eyenix, only devices having the Eyenix receiving chip can adopt the signal. skoopia converters as well as its digital video recorders (and soon to be released video server) make use of the Eyenix chip.


Cabling converters & signal amplifiers/repeater.

Next to pure video converters, skoopia also offers cabling video converters. These can be pure cabling converters, cabling converter and amplifier/repeater in one, cabling converter and video converter in one.

Cabling converters

Passive balance AHD/TVI video to Coax cable converter

The most common cabling conversion is CAT cable (single pair: CATe5/e6/e7) and coaxial cable. For AHD/TVI there is also the possibility to have balanced versus unbalanced output.

skoopia offers a range of products, from passive converters (balanced video to coax), up to active amplified balance video (RJ45 connector) with a receiver and transmitter side (RJ45 connector offers 4 pairs (pair 1: Video + / Video - , pair 2: RS-485 Rx / RS-485 Tx, pair 3 & pair 4: Power (48V).

Signal amplifiers

Really need long distances? Ask for our signal amplifiers and get up to 10 km  of near zero-latency (below 5 ms) transmission with our amplifiers.

Amplifiers are available as regular amplifiers or amplifiers / wire converters (coaxial cabling to twisted pair cabling).

Meeting your product's life cycle

skoopia converters are designed to not meet your product's life cycle. We want you to make the step up and have a video chain that can handle the higher resolution / superior image quality direclty, without making use of "converter" elements. Every additional board adds cost and/or potential in-field problems. Yet, we remain committed, that:

  • converters offered in this email will be available for 5+ years. 

Converters are required to bridge a time gap. skoopia truly understands that you cannot change all video component in your video chain at once.

But it also understands that if you made the change completely, you no longer need a converter. We are actually happy if we no longer serve you with a converter. skoopia is a camera, monitor and DVR company!


skoopia is in the converter business to help customers make a step up in video quality and video resolution. Simply, because skoopia believes your customers will long term no longer accept 4:3 grainy video with black bars at the side.  


Specifications of the AHD/TVI and EX-SDI converters

AHD/TVI to HDMI converter, called skoopia 15AT2-H

Full HD AHD/TVI to HDMI converter


AHD/TVI to EX-SDI/HD-SDI converter, called skoopia 15AT2-S

The AHD/TVI to HD-SDI converter supports 1080p30/25 and 720p60/50/30/25 as input, and selectable HD-SDI or EX-SDI 1.0 /EX-SDI 2.0 video output.

This is an ideal converter for people that require a very small camera (e.g. 21C14AT) which outputs AHD, but are using SDI for all larger cameras.

4K AHD/TVI to HDMI converter, called skoopia 80AT2-H

EX-SDI to HD-SDI, converter, called skoopia 15X2-S

HD-SDI to EX-SDI, converter, called skoopia 15S2-X

As the converters are fairly identical, we describe them together. Where type 1 converts EX-SDI to HD-SDI (in case a camera provides EX-SDI output and you require HD-SDI because e.g. your frame grabber only accepts HD-SDI it is a good solution. Type 2 converts HD-SDI to EX-SDI, which can be convenient if the cable distance needs to be longer. Due to the lower bandwidth (read: of EX-SDI, this could be a suitable conversion.

EX-SDI to HD-SDI converter - skoopia 15X2-S
EX-SDI to HD-SDI converter - skoopia 15X2-S

EX-SDI to HDMI, converter, called skoopia 30X2-H

3G-SDI/HD-SDI/EX-SDI converter to HDMI
3G-SDI/HD-SDI/EX-SDI converter to HDMI

Note that we -in engineering - also have the HDMI to 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/EX-SDI converter available.

4K EX-SDI to HDMI, converter, called skoopia 80X2-H

4K EX-SDI to HDMI converter - skoopia 80X2-H
4K EX-SDI to HDMI converter - skoopia 80X2-H

This converter offers the ability to convert 4K EX-SDI to HDMI (also see the blog on 4K EX-SDI cameras at:

Key specifications:


  • EX-SDI 1.0/2.0/4K

  • 2160p30, 1080p30, 1080i60

  • 3G-SDI / HD-SDI

  • 1080p30, 1080i60

  • Power, 12 V DC jack


  • HDMI

  • resolution identical to input resolution

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