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skoopia block cameras with GigE support

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

GigE block camera
skoopia 21Z30S block camera with Pleora iPort-SB-GigE-21ZX0S External Frame Grabber

skoopia is pleased to share Pleora's documentation on GigE frame grabbers, forming a perfect

solution to replace the contemporary Sony block cameras no longer having GigE support.

Pleora’s iPORT™SKB-GigE-21ZX0S ExternalFrameGrabber improves the usability of the skoopia

and integrators to treat it as a native GigEVision camera With this external framegrabber the

skoopia block cameras can leverage the simple, long-distance cabling of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)

or both video and control signals.The camera can also be used with a broader selection of

computing platforms, lowering system costs.


The SKB-GigE-21ZX0S presents a userfriendly interface to the VISCA™ protocol set, both

graphically and in the eBUS SDK. This allows system designers to rapidly prototype interactions

between the SKB-GigE-21ZX0S, the skoopia 21Z30S/21Z10S/21Z36S, and their software as well

as quickly deploy production-ready software.

10x, 36x, 30x block camera with GigE output
Pleora GigE board for skoopia block cameras

The SKB-GigE-21Z30S transmits full-resolution video with low, predictable latency over a GigE

link.The connection at the personal computer (PC) is a standard GigE plug, eliminating the need

for a desktop PC with an available peripheral card slot for a traditional frame grabber.

As a result, system designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using

computing platforms with smaller form factors, such as laptops, embedded PCs, and single

board computers.

GigE supports cabling distances of up to 100 meters using standard CAT5e/6 cabling. Deploying

an off-the-shelf Ethernet switch, extended distances and more flexible network configurations

are supported. Multiple cameras can be aggregated to a single port, imaging data can be

multicast from one camera to multiple displays, or images from multiple cameras can be

combined on one computer or processing unit.

A sophisticated on-board programmable logic controller (PLC), general purpose input/output

(GPIO) and support for the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol allows users to precisely measure,

synchronize, trigger, and control the operation of other vision system components.


  • Transforms a skoopia 21ZX0S block camera into a GigE Vision camera

  • Power, control, and video over the same cable

  • Plugs into a wide range of computing platforms without needing a PCIe frame grabber card

  • Converts video to 8-bit Bayer(color)or 8-bit monochrome formats to conserve bandwidth

  • Simplifies VISCA interface by leveraging GenICam

  • On-board programmable logic controller (PLC) and GPIO allow interaction with other vision system components

  • Low, predictable latency


  • skoopia 21Z30S (30x), IMX327

  • skoopia 21Z10S (10x), IMX307

  • skoopia 21Z36S (36x) IMX385


  • Highlyreliable,1Gb/sdatatransferrate with low, end-to-end latency

  • OEM, in-camera board set


  • eBUS SDK: Single API to receive video over GigE, 10 GigE, and USB that isportable across Windows, Mac, andLinux

  • eBUSTx: Software implementation of a full device level GigE Vision transmitter

  • eBUSRx: High-speed reception ofimagesordataforhand-offtotheendapplication

  • eBUSPlayerToolkit: View stream and develop, test and evaluate advanced features


  • Fully-compliant firmware load

  • Guarantees delivery of all packets

  • Comprehensive data transfer diagnostics


  • Digital video interface


  • Full resolution images

  • 1080p,25/29.97/30Hz

  • 1080i,50/59.94/60Hz

  • 720p,25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz


  • Mono8 (8 bits per pixel)

  • BayerGR8 (8 bits per pixel)

  • YUV4:2:2 (16 bits per pixel)

  • YUV4:1:1 (12 bits per pixel)



  • Connection to low-cost, easy-to-useequipment

  • Compatible with 10/100/1000 Mb/s IP/Ethernetnetworks

  • Supports IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), IP, IGMPv.2, UDP, ICMP(ping), and IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

  • Long reach: 100 m point-to-point, further with Ethernet switches


12-pin circular connector

  • GPIO

  • RS-232serial communication interface

  • External power (optional)


  • Network/computerinterface

  • PoweroverEthernet(PoE)

30-pin connector (KEL)

LVDS block camera interface (KEL)
LVDS block camera interface (KEL)


Size (Without bracket)

  • 37mmX37mmX34.3mm


  • -20°Cto60°C


  • -40°Cto 85°C

External power supply (when not using PoE)

  • 10Vto16V

Power consumption (Typical, incl. blockcamera)

  • Max. 7.0W

Solution to be released soon. Information will follow.


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