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Industrial Global Shutter Cameras with Sony Pregius IMX265 / IMX392

Global Shutter Zoom block 36x

Industrial Global Shutter Cameras with Sony Starvis Pregius IMX265 and Sony Starvis Pregius IMX392 global shutter cameras

skoopia markets 3 types of Industrial Global Shutter cameras with the very sensitive Sony Pregius sensors. The industrial cameras are called G20C42S, G20Z36S and G32C42IP and are readily available with motorized zoom or CS-mount or as block camera with instant zoom / focus.

G32C42IP - global shutter industrial IP camera

G32C42IP global shutter industrial camera is an allround product, if you are looking to serve mulitple video output streams, while benefiting from global shutter features. The camera has a large sensor, being the Sony Starvis Pregius IMX265 1/1.8", offering very low light visibility, having CVBS, SDI and IP video output.

Key specifciations of the G32C42IP industrial global shutter camera

  • 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/EX-SDI/CVBS video output

  • Network - IP output (H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG) triple stream video output

  • Global Shutter Sony Starvis Pregius IMX265 sensor (1/1.8")

  • 42mm by 42mm dual board

  • Trigger in, Strobe out

  • 12 V, max 6 W

  • G32C42IP-CS for CS mount, color

  • G32B42IP-CS for CS mount, b&w

  • G32C42IP-10 for motorized zoom lens 3.6-10 mm


G20C42S - global shutter industrial SDI camera

The SDI industrial global shutter camera G20C42S could be an OEM camera solution for your purpose if you want a cost effective SDI or CVBS global shutter industrial camera. It is based on the Sony Starvis Pregius IMX392 1/2.3" sensor, combining very low light visibility with a smaller sensor dimension, offering plural lens solutions, having CVBS, but also AHD/TVI next to the SDI video output.

The industrial camera is available with motorized zoom lens (including Day / Night Shutter) and CS-mount. CS versions are color and B&W. B&W version is based on the identical sensor but the OEM camera is set permanently on B&W and (of course) delivered without Optical Low Pass filter to enhance visibility in the near infrared. Color version of the CS mount is permanently set to color and naturally equiped with an Optical Low Pass filter.

Key specifciations of the G20C42S industrial global shutter camera

  • 3G-SDI / HD-SDI / EX-SDI and AHD /TVI / CVBS parallel output, BT1120 (option)

  • Global Shutter Sony Pregius Starvis IMX392 sensor (1/2.3")

  • 42mm by 42mm dual board

  • Trigger in, Strobe out

  • 12 V, max 4 W

  • G20C42S-CS for CS mount, color

  • G20B42S-CS for CS mount, b&w

  • G20C42S-11 for motorized zoom lens (3.6-11mm)

Board level and housed versions readily available

This camera is also available as black and white global shutter camera. Please inform us you require black an white and a potential wavelength cut-off above 650 nm.

G20Z36S industrial global shutter block camera

Skoopia also markets a 36x global shtuter block camera is based on the super sensitive Sony Pregius IMX392 sensor.

Underneath you find the key specifications of this camera (global shutter VISCA) while providing the advantages of global shutter sensor.

Key specifications of the G20Z36S industrial 36x global shutter block camera

  • Global Shutter Sony Pregius IMX392 sensor (1/2.3")

  • 36x optical zoom, 32x digital zoom

  • 1080p60/50/30/25, 720p60/50/30/25, PAL, NTSC


  • VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P

  • Trigger in, Strobe out

  • Configurable Trigger/Strobe

  • 9-15V, 5W

  • Dimension: 64mm x 56mm x 124mm

Lens characteristics of the skoopia G20Z36S, skoopia's 36x global shutter block camera.

              Wide                Tele

VFOV            31.1                 1.1 HFOV            52.6                 2.0 DFOV            59.1                 2.2     Aperture      F1.5               F4.8 Focal length           6 mm           216 mm

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Industrial Global Shutter cameras from skoopia all available as Global Shutter IP camera

skoopia has introduced the new SDI to IP video server. It allows you to convert any SDI camera to an IP camera. Good to know that now all global shutter cameras having SDI output will also be available having 4 individual IP streams. Read more about our SDI to IP video server, which intrisically works with any SDI camera outputting 1080p30/25.

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