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Industrial cameras & Medical cameras

skoopia is an industrial and medical video solutions vendor, that specializes in complete value chain coverage of video solutions for industrial and medical applications that are typically integrated into OEM solutions.

skoopia has and will be addressing markets such as:

skoopia's solutions excel in: 


skoopia is your video solution partner offering industrial and medical cameras, specialty industrial DVR recorders and industrial and medical monitors.

10x block camera 10x optical zoom

OEM camera | OEM monitor solutions

skoopia provides video solutions to markets and applications requiring vision assistance. However, skoopia does not focus on the security industry nor does it focus on the machine vision industry. skoopia focuses on customers providing integrated video solutions as a product that is sold, so-called OEM customers (OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer).  

Medical Camera

Medical camera | OEM camera

skoopia "in Greek: σκοοπία" means "watch". Providing vision aids or "watching" aids in the medical market is a key target of skoopia. We even named our company after this word.

Intrinsically, every application you can write "scopy" behind, skoopia addresses in the medical field.


Underneath you find applications skoopia provides camera solutions: 

  • microscopy camera

  • endoscopy camera, triple endoscopy / panendoscopy camera 

  • laparoscopy camera, arthorscopy camera, thoracoscopy camera or mediastionscopy camera

  • colonoscopy camera, enteroscopy camera or sigmoidoscopy camera

  • ERCP camera (duodenoscope-assisted cholangiopancreatoscopy, intraoperative cholangioscopy)

  • proctoscopy camera (rectoscopy / anoscopy)

  • rhinoscopy camera, bronchoscopy camera, otoscopy camera

  • colposcopy camera, hysteroscopy camera, falloposcopy camera

  • amnioscopy camera, fetoscopy camera

  • cystoscopy camera

  • laryngoscopy camera 

  • boroscopy camera (formal: non-medical terminology) or esophagogastroduodenoscopy camera

but also in medical fields there are applications not containing "scopy" that require specialty cameras skoopia can provide, such as: 

  • ophthalmology camera 

  • low vision camera, visually impaired camera

  • dental camera

  • operating theater camera, OR camera

  • ICU camera, intensive camera camera

medical camera
medical camer
medical camera

skoopia medical cameras excel in very high image quality (always using Sony Starvis sensors) as well as specialty outputs without latency (SDI cameras). All skoopia medical cameras support Full HD as well as CVBS, but skoopia medical cameras are available up to 12 MP. 

  • 4K OEM camera is available as 4K SDI camera as well as 4K IP camera. 

Industrial camera

Industrial monitor | Medical monitor | OEM Monitor 

skoopia also provides medical as well as industrial monitors.


Whether you require just a regular but robust monitor available for a long period of time as OEM (because you do not want changes) or need the latest 4K resolution which can be fully calibrated, skoopia provides longevity and robustness you require.


Medical monitors are available supporting DICOM and the often required white bezel (white metal housing), while the industrial monitors can be provided with robustness features such as protective screen, 12V or 24V clamps. 

Industrial camera | OEM camera

skoopia also focuses on industrial OEM players. Whenever you require a camera with specific features and longevity, do not hesitate to contact us. 

The amount of applications is enormous, and sometimes we are surprised by new, previously unforeseen applications.

Yet, skoopia focuses on applications in which cameras are integrated in your company's integrated solution that is sold to the market repetitively. For these customers, we provide world-class camera solutions meeting your existing dimensions while meeting current and future customer requirements.  

Underneath you find applications in which skoopia is already providing cameras successfully: 

  • robotics camera

    • all types of applications that provide remote view of a setting to an operator. low latency camera and camera cabling is always an issue. 

      • pipe inspection camera, pipe repair camera, sewer industry camera, medical 4K in operating room.

    • all types of application that require a camera to calibrate before operating​

      • cutting table camera ​(for fabric, box), camera alignment solutions etc.

  • transport industry camera - any transport that occurs and has benefits of an immediate visual from difficult spots. ​

    • specialty vehicles e.g. heftrucks (super small OEM camera in the spoons of the heftruck), block camera for a crane (zooming into the factual object to lift)

    • trains and buses (e.g. mirror replacement camera), providing more safety (no more dead angle (dead angle camera)) as well as environmental benefits (lower friction, so less fuel consumption)  

    • aviation systems cameras, e.g. door entry cameras to cockpit, wing view etc. 

  • Other industrial markets are served as well, e.g. pharmaceutical industry, life sciences​, local financial transactions (ATM, kiosks).


OEM camera | OEM monitors | Long availability of cameras | Form, Fit, Function

skoopia also focuses on industrial and medical OEM players. skoopia is aware that any integration of camera or monitor impacts the design of an OEM solution. Any design change requires engineering effort and in most cases renewal of certification. 

skoopia is aware that the OEM product life cycle is crucial. Therefore, changes are minimized. And changes are always notified upfront via an End of Life camera and monitor notice in combination with a clear Last Time Buy. 

Long availability | End of Life policy | Last time buy

Industrial monitors and industrial cameras make use of electronic components. ​Although skoopia sources its components at high class suppliers, the electronics industry is changing components rapidly. 

For less critical components that do not affect the function, dimension and performance of OEM camera or OEM monitor, skoopia will simply adopt the design, notify you and likely all things will remain identical. 

This allows skoopia to keep design identical from form, fit and function for more than 5 years. 

Industrial camera long life cycle

Best in class key components | Sony sensor | Eyenix | Nextchip

Sony Starvis
eyenix nextchip

But any change of a component that is fundamental will affect the performance, function and dimension of the industrial camera or industrial monitor. 

For such components, skoopia always selects best of class suppliers from performance (e.g. Sony Starvis sensors, Sony Pregius Sensors, Eyenix DSP, Nextchip DSP), but also from longevity of component as well as on information of availability and next generation compatibility.

skoopia has direct access to engineering of the key component suppliers. This allows her to determine the impact of change for any successor component on the OEM camera or OEM monitor. 

skoopia will only work with suppliers that adhere to a clear End of Life policy (at least 6 months upfront notice of a component that is going to be discontinued) in combination with a Last Time Buy (providing 6 months to place your last time buy order, with delivery within 18 months). 

camera monitor life cycle


Next generation camera or monitor supplied to industry or medical will always take into consideration the investment the OEM player has made. 

Therefore, skoopia next generation products will have identical form, fit and function. 

  • Form: The product will have identical dimensions to meet OEM integration dimensions

  • Fit: The product will have identical connections from communication as well as physical pinning

  • Function: The product will support identical functions as the predecessor OEM camera or monitor.

Naturally, next generation industrial cameras or monitors will likely provide higher resolutions and/or more crisp images due to higher brightness / higher sensitivity. These improvements will be available but the OEM determines when offering new functions. 

Customized camera

Industrial camera customization | Medical camera customization

skoopia can help out with customized solutions to match your current solution, minimizing the integration effort for a new camera, monitor or recorder solutions.

From dedicated custom-designed OEM camera solutions uniquely for you to a specific industrial or medical camera solution that is based on a skoopia portfolio product.

Should you be confronted by new video challenges such as transition from CVBS to Full HD providing numerous challenges, such as bandwidth, aspect ratio change, cabling etc, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want a stable design and want to avoid that you get a telephone call every three months out of Asia indicating: "Even better camera, even better camera" and in reality several functions and connectors have changed position or no longer function. Talk to us and find out why we are the most economic choice.

In need for a future proof solution and your current supplier does not understand End of Life management and/or longevity of product with a proper Last Time Buy*, contact us to see if we can accomodate your immediate requirement adequately, while having an integrated growth path (all our cameras support both CVBS as Full HD), in most cases even tolerating existing cabling. 


Industrial monitor customization | Medical monitor customization

In need for a customized industrial monitor. skoopia offers unique 1-to1 marketing via mass-customization industrial and medical monitors.


skoopia uniquely offers single unit industrial and medical monitor customization at very affordable prices, as it starts from a standard platform.

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